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Majorette Super City Garage TV Spot English

Majorette Super City Garage: In this world of play there’s always something going on
On seven floors with numerous ramps, lanes and playing details, the Majorette Super City Garage provides the ultimate in play ideas for our die-cast toy cars under licence from major brands. Two motorised car lifts conveniently raise the vehicles to one of the 35 parking spaces before they all go rapidly down again via the ramps. Six light and sound effect systems at the various play stations make the big city life even more realistic. Naturally, the foundation for the Majorette collection is already included. As a sports car, fire brigade vehicle or police car, the six die-cast toy cars, under licence from Audi, Ford, Toyota and Iveco, make the experience perfect. In addition, a battery-powered train with a trailer is included, for which batteries need to be obtained separately. Additional tip: The Majorette Super City Garage isn’t just a playing experience, but also a unique opportunity to show off your own Majorette collection in style.
• original description: Super City Garage
• a parking building play world on seven floors
• two motorised lifts
• six light and sound effect systems
• includes six die-cast toy cars with freewheel function: Audi R8 Coupe, Ford Mustang Police, Ford Mustang GT, Toyota Hilux, Iveco Ambulance, Iveco Fire Brigade
• including battery-powered train with trailer
• various game stations: train station, car repair workshop, police station, helicopter landing pad
• 35 parking spaces
• batteries required (4x 1.5V-R03; 3 x 1.5V-R14)
• dimensions: 128 x 78 x 73 cm (W/H/D)
• Age recommendation: 5 years & upwards

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Die Faszination Automobil wirkt schon auf die Kleinsten – noch dazu, wenn sie so unwiderstehlich gestaltet ist, wie in den Spielzeugautos von Majorette. Ob realistisch nachempfundene Pkw-Modelle im Maßstab 1:64 mit Federung und Türen, die sich öffnen lassen, ob Garagen oder die liebevollen Spielsets: Majorette fährt immer mitten ins Herz.