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Majorette Dino Action Tower - Aufbauvideo - Instruction Manual

Explore the new and innovative Dino Action Tower from Majorette! Drive right into endless adventures and get to master the numerous features of the Dino Action Tower. Standing over 3 feet tall and storing up to 50 Die-Cast vehicles, this is the Dino Action Tower. Let your imagination take over and enjoy the various features, such as the car lift which takes your cars to all 5 parking decks. The multiple racing tracks may lead you through one or the other dangerous obstacle .The massive wrecking ball flying 3 feet above the ground. The huge garage set comes with two awesome light and sound features which can be activated by pushing the lever or simply driving through the gate. You can discover and loads of moving parts, such as the totally action-packed 360°degree crane that can lift your car or let a dangerous pterodactyl circle around the garage. The spiral track leads your cars down through the menacing jaw of a T-Rex, whilst the end of the double high-speed racing track is guarded by a fierce raptor. In addition to that you can find on each level small mechanical features like a gas station, repair station or a car wash. Invite your friends over and share your racing adventures.

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Die Faszination Automobil wirkt schon auf die Kleinsten – noch dazu, wenn sie so unwiderstehlich gestaltet ist, wie in den Spielzeugautos von Majorette. Ob realistisch nachempfundene Pkw-Modelle im Maßstab 1:64 mit Federung und Türen, die sich öffnen lassen, ob Garagen oder die liebevollen Spielsets: Majorette fährt immer mitten ins Herz.