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X4 Quadcopter Distance Control 100% RTF (500507116) EN

Article number: 500507116
Product: X4 Quadcopter Distance Control 100% RTF

The stylish CARSON X4 370 Distance Control is the new "First Person View" – high-tech video drone in the model heavens. The video module transmits by Wi-Fi technology a high-resolution, live picture to your smart phone. The required app is available to download for Apple and Android operating systems and can save single frames or complete videos. A special highlight is the "Distance Control" module, which can be quickly fastened to the underside of the quadcopter. This checks the surroundings for possible obstructions and keeps the necessary distance in hover to avoid a collision. The "Auto Hover" function keeps the quadcopter in hover at a constant height so that you can find the best angle for your Picture with the vertically tilting camera head. The "Automatic Return" mode brings the X4 automatically back to its starting point. Its 6-axis gyro unit keeps the quadcopter stable in flight and, with the new "Headless" function, enables even beginners to make a successful start in the field of model flying, while the Automatic Take-off and Landing function helps with take-off
and also brings the quadcopter safely back to the ground. In addition, screw-on rotor protectors avoid damage to the air-screws. When switch from the slower Beginner mode to the fast Speed mode, the agile X4 permits rapid manoeuvres in flight and, when using the Stunt button, completes impressive flips and loops. The coloured LED lighting on the rotor arms makes for easier navigation and permits flights at dusk. Since everything needed for operation is included in the package, you can start to show off your flying skills as soon as the batteries are charged.
Enjoy flying your CARSON X4 370 Distance Control!

Optional Accessories:
N° 500608194 Batterie 3.7 V/650 mAh
N° 500508648 Rotor guards
N° 500508647 Spare rotors

Fully assembled wi-fi quadrocopter with camera module, 2.4 G remote control, distance control module, a set of spare rotors, rechargeable LiPo flight batteries, charger, rechargeable transmitter batterie, rotor guards, Manual.

- 100% Ready to fly
- incl. Distance control
- intelligent 6-axis gyro electronics
- camera controllable by smartphone
- LED lights switchable by transmitter
- vertical tilting camera head
- Easier controlling with headless function
- High-resolution camera module
- Looping and Flip-Action
- Rotor guards included

Technical data:
Length 210 mm
Rotor 135 mm
Flying time 7 min
Weight 140 g

200 Aufrufe
5 Sterne
4 Sterne
3 Sterne
2 Sterne
1 Stern
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CARSON ist der bewährte Einstieg in den Modellsport in allen gängigen Maßstäben. RC-Modellfahrzeuge mit Verbrennungsmotor oder extrastarker Brushless-Technik begeistern weltweit RC-Fans. Helikopter, Flugzeuge und schnelle sowie detailgetreue Boote/Schiffe ergänzen das breite Programm. Dazu kommt ein riesiges Zubehör-/Tuningangebot sowie Accessoires für Modelltrucks.