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Easy Tyrann 235 Waterbeast 2.4 G 100% RTF (500507111) EN

Article number: 500507111
Product: Easy Tyrann 235 Waterbeast 2.4 GHz 100% RTF

The new "Easy Tyrann 235 Waterbeast" from CARSON is a water-landable helicopter. The floats on the skids allow the new coaxial helicopter to land on water and take off again. The electronics is encapsulated and optimally protected against moisture penetration, thus allowing flying even in the rain. Its aggressive look and bright LED lighting make the Waterbeast a real eye-catcher and make orientation in the dark far easier. Its electronic gyro keeps the helicopter stable in the air and makes it easy even for beginners to take up model aircraft flying. The interference-free 2.4GHz RC system with transmitter batteries, spare rotor blades and USB charger includes everything needed for operation, so once you have charged the built-in flight battery, you can put your abilities to the test indoors and outdoors.
Enjoy flying your CARSON Easy Tyrant 235 Waterbeast!

Tip: N° 500508644 Spare rotors

Fully assembled coaxial helicopter with camera module, 2.4 GHz remote control, a set of spare rotors, rechargeable 3.7 V / 220 mAh LiPo flight batteries, charger, transmitter batteries, detailedoperating instructions.

- 100% Ready to fly
- Water-tight electronics
- Charging socket on the transmitter
- Easy for beginners
- Turboswitch for more action
- High-tech Gyro-System included
- Tail rotor makes control easy
- Bright LED lights

Technical data:
Length 256 mm
Height 145 mm
Rotor 235 mm
Weight 61 g

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CARSON ist der bewährte Einstieg in den Modellsport in allen gängigen Maßstäben. RC-Modellfahrzeuge mit Verbrennungsmotor oder extrastarker Brushless-Technik begeistern weltweit RC-Fans. Helikopter, Flugzeuge und schnelle sowie detailgetreue Boote/Schiffe ergänzen das breite Programm. Dazu kommt ein riesiges Zubehör-/Tuningangebot sowie Accessoires für Modelltrucks.