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Micro Bike 2.4G 100% RTR (500404125) EN

Article number: 500404125
Product: Micro Bike 2.4G 100% RTR

Powerbike 2 go! The CARSON RC Micro-Bike 2.4G 100 % RTR is the racing machine for high speed in the smallest space. The little Powerbike in racing livery has everything you need for an exciting race. The electric stabiliser in the rear wheel generates the required gyroscopic forces to keep the bike on a stable, straight course, even at low speed and, in combination with the low centre of gravity, permits spectacular jumps with the RC Micro-Bike always landing back on its wheels after only a short practice time. The sprung front forks and swingarm rear suspension ensure that the slick tyres provide the necessary grip on the asphalt. On the interference-free 2.4 G transmitter, two gears can be preselected and the removable steering wheel is quickly converted for left-handers. The robust spacers permit maximum tilt without loss of control. The little racing machine is stored on the racing stand supplied, which also serves for a perfect start. The rechargeable Li-Po battery included permits a running time of up to 8 minutes. Thanks to the 100 % scope of delivery, the CARSON RC Micro Bike is ready to go in a jiffy. Have fun with your RC Micro Bike from CARSON!

N° 500404129 Jump ramp
N° 500608188 Spare battery 3.7 V / 120 mAh

Fully assembled model, 2.4G RC system, LiPo powerpack 3.7 V / 120 mAh , charger, transmitter batteries, center stand, manual.

- When jumped, lands stably on its tyres
- Sprung front forks and swingarm rear suspension
- Gear selector switch on 2.4G transmitter
- Electric stabiliser in rear wheel

Technical data:
1/20 Scale
Length 114 mm
Width 68 mm
Height 72 mm
Weight 90 g

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CARSON ist der bewährte Einstieg in den Modellsport in allen gängigen Maßstäben. RC-Modellfahrzeuge mit Verbrennungsmotor oder extrastarker Brushless-Technik begeistern weltweit RC-Fans. Helikopter, Flugzeuge und schnelle sowie detailgetreue Boote/Schiffe ergänzen das breite Programm. Dazu kommt ein riesiges Zubehör-/Tuningangebot sowie Accessoires für Modelltrucks.